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The Khao Jom trek is tough. Don't try it if you aren't in good shape.


Jungle trekking on Koh Chang is a great way to explore the island’s interior. There aren’t any easy to follow trails. So you’ll need a guide. The beauty of the flora and fauna found on the island is in it’s inaccessibility.

Whilst there are paths used by local hunters and also guides, you will be surrounded by untouched jungle. So regardless of which trek you do, expect a very hot, humid and sweaty day out. The day treks usually involve some scrambling up inclines, battling with bugs and leeches, river crossings, discovering massive, ancient trees and hopefully spotting some of the wildlife. There are also shorter walks suitable for children and older visitors.

Tan’s most popular trek is up Khao Jom, the 630 meter peak that overlooks White Sands Beach. It’s going to be a challenge as although the height and distance involved is much less than a trek in the Swiss mountains – the terrain, heat and humidity will ensure that even the most avid hiker finds it a challenge.

Mondays and Fridays – Tan offers a full but gentle trek day in Klong Son, with 500m peak at Khao Chedi and then the chance for an elephant ride at Ban Kwang Chang. 900bt or 1,500bt with the elephant ride.

Wednesdays and Sundays – A whole day’s tough trek up the 630m Khao Jom Prasat with its breathtaking views out over White Sand. 1,000bt per person

Tuesdays and Saturdays – In Klong Prao, full day trekking to the rarely visited Klong Prao waterfall and 500m ascent. 900bt per person

Thursdays – Also in Klong Prao, a much easier 1/2 day trek through the interior – great for families. 600bt per person

CALL TAN ON 089 645 2019 OR 089 832 2531 TO BOOK A TREK

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