Your Oasis of calm on Koh Chang


Baan Zen was originally built to European standards by a German man and then later sold and bought by Yves & Joelle, a French couple, who built on to the existing structure and planted the beautiful gardens that surround the house.

Once completed the new owners used the spacious deck to run a yoga and meditation program that incorporated the elements of the surrounding nature and ancient body care. It was said that the power of the natural setting proved to be perfect in achieving a state of Zen.

In 2016 Baan Zen was again sold and was this time bought by a Canadian couple, Jeanette and Dwight Sick, who had been vacationing in Thailand for over 15 years. They had fallen in love with everything about Thailand and, every time they deplaned after their long flight from Canada, they felt like they had come home.

Thailand held such a special place in their hearts that Jeanette and Dwight celebrated their 25 year wedding anniversary by renewing their vows on Koh Chang in 2015. It was a family affair like no other.

After a one month vacation on Bali in February of 2016 was cut short by wet weather, Jeanette and Dwight chased the sun to Koh Chang and by chance, on their second to last day on the island, found Baan Zen. A Zen proverb says that no snowflake ever falls in the wrong place. They knew that it was no coincidence that they were there at that time.

It was meant to be.

Jeanette and Dwight continue to vacation in Thailand but now truly “come home”. They look forward to sharing their home with like-minded people looking for relaxation, peace and tranquility and providing the same hospitality that is embedded deep in the Thai culture.

Welcome to Baan Zen.